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Covid-19 Update - PLEASE READ

🐾Our facilities will stay open subject to you staying within the government guidelines
🐾The field provides a safe space away from other people to safely exercise with your dogs and daily exercise is permitted. If you wish to use the field for your daily exercise we will welcome you as long as you follow the government guidelines
🐾You must abide by your arrival and departure times which you have booked and wait in the car if you arrive early but please try to arrive at your allocated time. We leave a minimum 10 minute intervals between visitors and always have to avoid people meeting
🐾Please use hand sanitizer when you’ve touched anything others may have touched (but remember not to touch your dog until it's dried) - we will be continuing to disinfect the gate handle and surrounding area and the bin lid but please wear gloves /sanitise for extra protection.
🐾 Please bring your own bowls, poo bags and toys (we have fresh water available from the tap which again will be cleansed but please protect yourselves). The play trays will also be removed for the foreseeable
🐾 May I please ask that if anyone within your household displays any symptoms of the virus that you contact to move or cancel your booking.

Anyone not observing these guidelines will be excluded from visiting.


Many thanks as always for your continued support. Your support is invaluable

Stay safe 🐾❤️🐾

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